It’s no secret that we love the Apple iPad. We’ve had just about every iteration of this product from the standard sized iPad, iPad Mini and most recently the 12.9” iPad Pro.  Some of our work we can take with us, especially emails and content creation.  What’s not to love about the Verizon data activated iPad?

When working on an iPad, especially with iOS 11.0.3 and the nuances with the keyboard update, the ONLY way to work effectively on an iPad Pro is with the iPad Pro Keyboard. The keyboard itself is powered by the iPad battery so you don’t have to charge it separately (like you do the iPad Pencil).  The keyboard is responsive but does lack the features of a mouse.  We aren’t sure how they could put a mouse pad on the keyboard and the iPad doesn’t offer that functionality but it would be nice.

The only really miserable part of the Apple iPad Keyboard is the docking magnet.  After some use and travel the docking magnet isn’t always perfect at keeping the locked, magnetic connection between the iPad and the keyboard.  Long term, we feel that this part of the keyboard will wear out and will render the keyboard garbage. The keyboard only works when connected directly to the iPad, it basically snaps in.

For now.

Watch this space.