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WordPress Website Check Up


If you have a WordPress website that hasn’t been updated in awhile, this service is definitely for you.  We run your website through our thorough, expert checklist to make sure your site is up to date, clean and performing smoothly.

Read below and be amazed at how many aspects of your website we’ll improve!


What does our comprehensive 16 Point Website Checklist include?

  • All of your WordPress Website Plugins will be updated
  • Any unnecessary WordPress Website Plugins will be removed
  • Website Speed Test (How fast is your website to load?)
  • Website Usability Test (Does your website work on tablets and smart phones?)
  • Removal of all WordPress spam comments and approval of good comments
  • Turn WordPress Website page comments off
  • Full WordPress Website Scan for Malicious code, references and links.
  • Cleaning and removal of all Malicious code
  • Installation and Configuration of Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Installation and Configuration of WordPress Website Caching
  • Updating your WordPress Website’s copyright date to 2018 (2019 soon)
  • Configuration and Testing of SMTP send mail functions to make sure your website messages are being sent
  • Contact Form Checkup.  We’ll get it working via SMTP and test it to make sure you’re getting your form submissions
  • SSL Certificate Installation (additional fee might apply if your website hosting company doesn’t provide free SSL)
  • All website traffic will be forced to access your website via SSL (Google requires this)
  • Resubmission of your website to Google for current search indexing