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Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Hire Us 

To get started, click “Hire Us” to sign-up for our monthly Social Media Marketing Service. Choose your Social Media Platforms you want to engage. Register a Customer Account and pay for the first month.

Step 2: Tell Us More

Next, tell us about your business, products and services, and other information that will help us get to know you. You’ll also need to provide access to any existing social media accounts for your business.

Step 3: Sit back & Relax!

Give us 1 full business day after you submit information about your business and we’ll start posting unique, branded content to the social media sites of your choosing. We’ll engage with your audience while you are busy working.

Daily, custom content posted for your specific Business!

On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest

Content so specific your customers will believe its coming from you!

When your customers search for online your business will be there.  Social Media accounts consistently supporting your brand in a positive, influencal and professional way.

English is our native language and all of our digital marketing work is done in house.

We assign you a Content Creator who goes on a mission to thoroughly research your business, industry, local area, the competition and creates content for your audience.


  • Weekly promotion of your company services and products

  • Creating and posting shareable images of upcoming events

  • Positive, timely interactions with your customers looking for more information about your business including direct, private messages forwarded to your email

  • Interesting, relevant polls which cause awesome audience interaction

  • Consistent and relatable use of hashtags to maximize content visibility
  • Local, weather related updates and warnings.
  • Recent reviews of your business from Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Angie’s List.

How Much Does This Cost Per Month?


$299 / mo.


$299 / mo.


$299 / mo.


$299 / mo.


$299 / mo.

Sign-Up for Facebook Social Media Management Service
Get each additional Network for $249 / mo (each)

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Commonly asked questions

You are assigned a highly trained, internet savvy Content Creator who speaks English and is passionate about Social Media. They are passionate about good content and spend countless hours searching for unique, interesting content to share and interact with your audience. Your success is their success.

When you hire Geek Media we assign you a Content Creator who immediately goes to work and researches your business, industry, the competition and your target market.  They put together a profile of the audience you want to reach and they create quality, specific posts that successfully reach your audience.

Heck yes!  If you have posts, images or articles to share, go for it!

Send us an email to help@geekmedia.co with any specific content and we’ll give it directly to your Content Creator who will make it happen ASAP.

No contracts.  We work really hard to make our customer’s happy but sometimes a businesses is sold or someone’s niece is home from college for the summer and you want her to handle your content.  We understand and will gladly honor your request.  Either send us an email or give us a call.

No worries.  We will create an awesome looking Social Media Profile for your business on Facebook.  If you have a profile but it looks a little dusty, we’ll give it a design facelift.

Yes! We have a dedicated text line for customers to send pictures and information for both their website and Social Media Management. This makes it super easy to send over things like portfolio images, before and after pictures, employees birthday reminders, monthly specials and links. All sorts of stuff.

You can text us at: (303) 242-3653

Neat Facts About Social Media Networks


Facebook has over 2 billion users, most of whom visit the site at least once a day.


0ver 95 Million pictures are posted to
Instagram daily. 71% of Americans are on Insta.


With over 500 Million users and 3 Million companies, only 17% of American small businesses are on LinkedIn.


There are more than 500 Million users on Twitter and about 77% of them feel better about a company brand when their tweet is replied to.


The best time to pin to over 200 Million active users on Pinterest is Saturday night (Despite the majority of users being under 40).

Some recent unique content created for our Customers


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