A few weeks ago Google made it absolutely mandatory for every website on the internet to be encrypted with a SSL (secure socket layer) certificate.  SSL has been required for commerce websites since the dawn of time but Google now requires all websites to be secure to protect website visitors from having their information get into the wrong hands.

Ok.  We accept that.  Encryption for our own good.

If you need help getting your site secured, let us know.

So let’s say you manage your own website, or you have a family member manage the website.  They’re working on getting your website secure and are having problems getting the website fully secure with Google.  If this happens to you and your website we suggest you visit a website called “Why No Padlock?”  All you have to do is visit their website, enter in your website address (URL) and your website will be scanned and you’ll find out the culprit for your encryption issues.

You can scan any website, including ones that don’t belong to you.  Here is what The Good Geeks Website Scan looks like:

good geeks website encrpytion scan

There you have it.  An easy way to determine why your website is having issues being secured and therefore is getting this google error message:

This is what a website looks like when you view it and it is not secure